Q: Where can I watch WI57?

A: You can find us on channel 57-1 off air, Charter SD channel 6 or HD channel 613, Dish channel 58, and DirecTV channel 57.


Q: What are the business hours at WI57?

A: Our main offices are open from 9 AM to 5 PM Monday – Friday, excluding holidays.

Q: How do I contact WI57?

A: You can give us a call at (608) 270-5700. You can also send us snail mail: WI57 2814 Syene Road Madison, WI 53713


Q: Where can I email WI57?

A: For Community stories email: community@WI57.tv For reception issues email: wi57-engineering@WI57.tv For any other questions please email general@WI57.tv


Q: Are WI57 studios open to the public?

A: We do offer limited tours of our facilities. The tours must be given to small groups (5-15 people total) and arrangements must be made at least two weeks in advance. We’re sorry but not all tour requests can be accommodated. For more information, please call us at (608) 270-5700.


Q: Why are the television commercials louder than the shows?

A: The people who make television commercials compress the audio. The spaces between words become squeezed together in an attempt to make the maximum use out of a mere 30 seconds. In this process, all words become virtually identical in volume – a volume that appears to peak on audio meters. Television movies and programs also have audio levels that peak, but this occurs more infrequently. Generally, the producers of non-commercial programming prefer having a variety of audio levels. Quiet moments can be used for great dramatic effects. There is no time for that luxury in the much-shorter commercials.


Q: Where can I find a program schedule online?

A: You can find the line-up on the WI57 website under the SCHEDULE tab.


Q: How do I advertise on your station or website?

A: You can call our sales department at WI57 (608) 270-5700 about advertising on our website or on-air.


Q: How do I get my Public Service Announcement PSA to run on WI57?

A: We accept PSA’s on data DVD or flash drive. We review them on a quarterly basis and consider only generic PSA’s. Mail them to WI57 Public Service, 2814 Syene Road, Madison, WI 53713. If you have any questions regarding PSA’s, please email our Traffic Manager at lisa@WI57.tv


Q: I’m a college student. How do I apply for an intern position at WI57?

A: If you are a full-time college student with junior or senior standing, you can apply for an internship. For more information, please email your resume and cover letter to jessa@WI57.tv and tony@WI57.tv .