Workout Wisconsin

Workout Wisconsin Logo 2:12:17

Workout Wisconsin is a weekly 30-minute local fitness television show produced by WBUW which Broadcasts over Wisconsin’s 57 Television Network and is owned by the Revolutionary Transformations Corporation. The show is created and hosted by former football athlete and professional fitness instructor Reggie Davis featuring different ways to live a healthy lifestyle.

Workout Wisconsin segments will provide a discussions on all subjects related to athletic training, fitness, martial arts, and boxing world. Segments will also range from how to create a healthy meal plan, tips from personal trainers, advice from the bodybuilding world, appearances by specialized fitness instructors to discuss their types of exercises, medical and healing advice from trained professionals. There will also be demonstrations that teach proper techniques in various types of exercises and in self-defense. All guest will be local experts from around the area of Madison, Wisconsin.

Workout Wisconsin airs Monday-Friday at 6:00 am and Sundays at 4:00 PM.

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